Social Happenings Ad

Social Handbook CoverAs seen in the Official Equestrian Social Happenings Handbook.

Diane’s signature reversible “huggie” earrings.

Carved snowflake collection of aquamarine and crystal cabochons set with mother of pearl in 18 karat gold.

Signature crown rings in 18 karat and diamonds.

14 karat gold crest rings.

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South Shore Living

Our jewelry complements Braintree Designer Michael De Paulo’s gowns in the March edition of South Shore Living

From South Shore lIving

From South Shore Living…

Every woman deserves to feel like royalty. Braintree designer Michael De Paulo’s elegant gowns turn heads on the runway and at formal events. Both feminine and architectural, De Paulo’s dresses pair perfectly with the gorgeous precious jewelry designed by Diane Griswold Johnston of Cohasset—the look is effortlessly regal.

Our cameras captured the timeless beauty of these formal fashions at the historic Lions Gate estate in Cohasset.